Roasted Asparagus or stir fried asparagus is a simple and nutritious side dish, that can be made in 10 mins. It’s a nutritious vegetable for healthy pregnancy, as well as a good lactogenic food for nursing moms to stimulate the breast milk. It is not only tasty, but also offers an incredible health benefits. Asparagus is a nutrient packed vegetable. It is a good source of fiber, folate, viatamin A ,C, E and K. Most importantly, Asparagus contains important amino acid (tryptophan) that may stimulate prolactin ( a key hormone involved in lactation) production and thus improves milk supply. It is a completely safe to consume during pregnancy as well as postnatal care period.

Full Recipe Details:

• Helps in pregnancy & for nursing moms to increase the breast milk production
• Effective in easing PMS (Pre Menstrual Symptoms)
• Prevents low birth weight and birth defects during pregnancy
• Good for digestion
• Improves fertility
• Asparagus purifies your blood by sending toxins out through your urinary tract
• Aids in curing epilepsy and urinary tract infections
• Good remedy for curing hangovers, anxiety and stress
• Maintains healthy levels of homocysteine and blood sugar
• Helps prevent cataract, rheumatoid arthritis and blood clotting
• Contains anti -inflammatory and antioxidants
• Supports skin health
• controls Diabetes

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