This is a quick and easy recipe for dinner, this is Persian chicken Stew recipe with vegetables. you can serve this Persian chicken curry with rice.

Hi guys,

Welcome to my kitchen, today I wanted to make something very simple and basic, where you don’t need too many ingredients. This recipe is for those times when there are not too many ingredients to cook with at home and we are too lazy to go shopping yet we want to have a delicious chicken dish where the chicken flavor is dominant and also the chicken should be so well cooked that it should just melt in your mouth.
Being away from India, staying in Germany it’s hard to get all the Indian spices yet at times I just want to have a simple chicken curry that I can have with rice. Somehow over the years, this recipe has become my comfort food, it’s a Persian food recipe so let’s make today Tialicious Persian Chicken drumstick Stew.

For this recipe you would need:
2 Chicken drumsticks (with or without skin)
3 Carrots diced
3 Small Potato diced
1 Big Onion roughly diced
1 tbsp. Turmeric powder
Salt for taste
2 tbsp. Vegetable Oil
For Tomato puree
2 Big Tomato and Chili (optional) ground

1) In a Cooking, pot takes 2 tbsp. oil
2) Once heated add the onions and cook till they are slightly translucent
3) Now add the turmeric powder and mix well
4) Now add the Chicken drumsticks mix well and add salt, now cook this for some time till the chicken is slightly cooked
5) Now add the tomato puree and mix well and cook for sometime
6) Now add the carrots and potato stir and add salt.
7) Cook this for 20 mins on low flame.
8) Serve this hot with steam rice.
I hope you would be trying this recipe at home.

Love Tia