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Recipe for yam and eggs:-
Yam:- peel off the skin until it is white and neat.
Put it into the pot and add an ample amount of water
then put it on the stove/gas cooker. Cook on high or medium heat.
Add salt and if u like add a little sugar (sugar is optional).
let it cook until tender.

For D scrambled eggs:
U’ll need Eggs, Oil, Bell pepper, Habenero pepper (rodo), Onions, Tomatoes
and Tomatoes paste (optional).
Salt and Maggi for taste.

Watch to see how I fry the eggs on the frying pan. I hope you learn a lot today… enjoy! 🙂


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deyo james · March 22, 2019 at 9:17 pm

the yam and hegg look good with the extra hoil

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