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*NAMBIKKAI MASALA* – _Ready to cook, Easy to cook_
FISH Avial Mix

Ingredients Required :
* Freshly cleaned Fish pieces (1/2 kg)
*15 sliced small onions
* 2 sliced tomatoes
* tamarind water
* salt, coconut oil as required
* fish avial mix
pour required oil in the heated pan . Once it is heated add mustard seeds in the pan , then add some curry leaves , once its starts frying .Add the sliced onions and saute the pieces carefully.
After it cooks, add tamarind water in our fish overall mix.Stir it a little. Add the required water and salt. Allow it to boil and reach the consistency of avial.
the tasty fish avial made with flavours of natural fish avail mix is ready to serve

Fish Gravy Mix

Ingredients Required :
Freshly cleaned 1/2kg Fish Pieces , Desiccated coconut , tomatoes , tamarind water , garlic, salt, If required add mango, Drumstick ,
Add all the ingredient in a pan and mix with tamarind water in it.
Add fish gravy mix with required water. Let the mixture cook and get the consistency of a fish gravy. Fish gravy made with natural fish gravy is ready to serve


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