Tonight we make the BEST pork belly buns, seriously you have to try making this because it is life changing. Fluffy, pillowy buns with pork belly braised in a soy sauce mixture with amazing aromatics. Keep leftover pork belly to garnish ramen or other soups like you will see in the next video coming soon!

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Pork belly
2 Clove of Garlic
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
1 1/2 cup Light Soy
1 cup Sweet Soy
1/2 cup Oyster Sauce
2 sticks Cinnamon
6-7 Star Anise
10 Peppercorn
2 Bay leaf
5 Clove

2 cup All Purpose Flour
1 TSP Baking powder
1 TSP Salt
2 TBSP Sugar
1 Packet Instant dry yeast
1 Cup Warm Full Milk 3.5%


1. Combine dry ingredients for buns in mixer bowl or regular bowl.
2. Add warm milk slowly to the mixture while machine is running or while mixing by hand
3. Continue mixing until dough is in one homogeneous ball
4. Knead by hand on flat surface for 5 minutes
5. Cover and rest for 50 minutes
6. Roll dough into long cylinder and cut 2 inch peices
7. With rolling pin, roll out into 3 inch wide by 6 inch long buns
8. Brush sesame oil on bun and folder over, place on baking sheet
9. Steam for 7 minutes

1. Heat pot with oil and add garlic and pork belly skin side down
2. Add soy, brown sugar, oyster sauce, and aromatics
3. Add water until pork belly is covered, bring to boil and reduce to simmer
4. Simmer for 45-50 minutes or until pork is tender
5. Slice pork into half an inch slices
6. Heat in pan 3-4 tablespoons of reserved cooking liquid + splash of oyster sauce and soy sauce and add sliced pork to glaze in liquid
7. Add Kewpie Mayonaise to bun followed by lettuce followed by pork belly slice and ENJOY.


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