Kung Pao Chicken, 宮保雞丁由清朝山東巡撫、四川總督丁寶楨所創。“宮保”是丁寶楨的榮譽官銜。他治蜀十年,剛正不阿,多有建樹。死後,清廷為了表彰丁寶楨的功績,追贈“太子太保”。“太子太保”是“宮保”之壹,於是,為了紀念丁寶楨,他發明的這道菜由此得名“宮保雞丁”.
By Peoples Taste 众品味

食材 (Ingredients):

雞腿肉 350g chicken leg
熟花生 50g cooked peanuts
蔥 2 green onions
辣椒 6-7 dry hot peppers
花椒 Sichuan pepper
姜 ginger
蒜 garlic
料酒 cooking wine
醬油soy sauce
鹽 salt
胡椒 pepper
糖 3 tbs sugar
醋 3 tbs vinegar
玉米澱粉 corn starch



Jian Du · August 28, 2019 at 3:52 am


Peoples Taste · August 28, 2019 at 3:52 am

Cooking Instructions:

1. Cut chicken leg meat (or chicken breast meat) into dice size, the total is 350g meat. Add 40ml water and mixed well for 1 or 2 minutes;

2. Add 1 tbs soy sauce, 1 tbs cooking wine, a bit salt and pepper, mix. And add 1 tsp corn starch, mix. And add 1 tbs cooking oil, mix.

3. Cut ginger, garlic, dry hot pepper, and green onion for later use;

4. Make starch water sauce. In a bowl put 3 tbs sugar, 3 tbs vinegar (I use 2 tbs Chinkiang vinegar and 1 tbs white vinegar because Chinkiang vinegar is not sour enough.) , ½ tbs soy sauce, ½ tbs cooking wine, ½ tsp corn starch, and a little water, mix well;

5. Heat the wok first, add cooking oil, and add hot pepper and Sichuan pepper, stir, then add ginger and garlic, stir;

6. Add chicken, stir well with high heat;

7. When chicken is fried about one minutes (it’s almost cooked), slowly add starch water sauce in, stir, and add peanuts and green onion, stir;

8. (optional) the last add some hot pepper oil;

9. Kung Po Chicken is ready! Enjoy!

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