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Our food can be our medicine. When we cook, then we are able to create our own medicine. The good tools can help us to create the very healthy food at home. In this wonderful video we can learn how to cook in the Chinese wok. This useful tool is very practical and simple to use. The Chinese wok can improve the simplicity of cooking at home. Using the Chinese wok can create more options for more tasty food at home.

Our food can have a different taste. We can have boiled food. We can have friend food. We can have baked food. Or we can also have the steamed food. The Chinese wok can be a good tool for cooking the different versions of the same food. We can use the Chinese wok for the cooking of the fried food. Or we can also use the Chinese wok to boil our food in the water. The best combination of the flavor can be between the fried food, and the food the that we cook with the steam from the water. The Chinese wok is the perfect tool for cooking in this healthy and tasty style.

The cooking can be simple, when we know the correct steps for the cooking at home. The same food can have the different taste, if we use different steps for the cooking. The preparation of the Chinese food has the classic combination of garlic, egg and fried noodles. The steps of this classical Chinese food are very simple. The noodles must be cooked before everything else. Then we use the vegetable oil with garlic. The hot oil will help the garlic to distribute the flavor into the hot noodles. The fried egg is one important ingredient in the fried Chinese food. The flavor from the fried egg and garlic is the special taste of the Chinese food. The cooked noodles absorb the taste from the fried egg and garlic. is very happy about this wonderful invention from China.

The different tools in the kitchen can give us different options for the cooking of the food that we like. The Chinese wok is the perfect too for the cooking of the fried food. The tall walls of the Chinese wok can protect the food from the intense heat. The temperature is hot in the middle, and very mild on the side of the wok. The mixing and moving of the food in the Chinese wok is very important. It is much more easy to move the food. More easy than in the frying pan. The Chinese wok has a better shape for the cooking of the fried food.

When we eat the food, then we build our body. The food that we cook can be better, than the food that we buy, because we have an intuition for what we need for our body. When we cook at home, then we can have the perfect taste that we expect, instead of what we can buy in the market. The cooking at home can improve our health and our quality of life. The Chinese wok can be a very helpful tool for cooking many different vegetables, the fried rice, the fried noodles, artificial meat, and fried eggs.

There is a lot of flavor in the vegetables that are cooked in the Chinese wok. The taste of the fried surface of the vegetables and the garlic is one very good taste. We like it. The vegetables can be cooked on mild heat in the Chinese wok. When we boil the vegetables, then they become soft and they lose their flavor.

The cooking time can be short in the Chinese wok. When we use the steam and the vegetable oil, then we can cook the surface of the vegetables. The inside of the vegetables can be fresh and mild. The same is also true for the fried rice, fried noodles, fried potato and fried meat.

The cooking in the Chinese wok can be much more healthy, when we control the heat inside of the ingredients. This wonderful tool for cooking can help us to have the healthy version of the fried food, when we know how to use the Chinese wok for cooking. We can be very happy about the Chinese wok in our kitchen !

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4 Comments · August 3, 2019 at 6:41 am

Better food can make us more healthy 🙂

Better tools and ideas for cooking can make our food better and more tasty. The Chinese wok is a wonderful tool for cooking mildly fried food and the steamed food. The vegetables can be steamed on mild heat. Much milder than boiling or frying in the vegetable oil.

It's a good thing that we have so much nice food on our planet.

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Pastor Justin · August 3, 2019 at 6:41 am

Like the way you say "Vegy tables"😁😎😎🏁🏁🏁

codeXxxer · August 3, 2019 at 6:41 am

awesome more videos pleas

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