couscous with vegetables and meat
Couscous is delicious food and fast preparation, contains all necessary elements of the human is famous in all the world especially in North African countries Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco.There are several ways to prepare couscous, Of which:couscous with chicken, couscous with milk or Laban, couscous with sugar, couscous salad, couscous with meat and Vegetables,Vegetable couscous( It is healthy and good food especially for vegetarian ).today we will tell you how you can make delicious couscous with meat and Vegetables.what you need to make couscous with meat and Vegetables:1 couscous:For residents in the USA, you can easily find it in Walmart and WinCo Foods. But I would recommend WinCo Foods because they sell good quality and a good price.for the other countries, you can ask your nearby shops about couscous, If you cannot find it, you can order it online, it is easy to find couscous on eBay or need couscous, according to family members, 100 grams per person, or a medium-size cup; each cup of couscous is matched by 2 cups of water.2 the meat:You need a piece of beef or lamb, with little fat, we don’t want the sauce to be full of fat.3 Vegetables:You need carrots, zucchini, Potato, Onions, Tomatoes, Tomatoes paste, garbanzo, And raisins.How to prepare it:1 prepare couscous : Place a cup of couscous with 2 cups of warm water in a pot and let it boil over low heat for a few minutes, till you see the couscous Absorb The water.Quantity by the number of family members, But do not put too much, because of couscous Its size doubles after preparation.2 prepare the soup:First, cut the onions into small pieces and pour them in the pot with a little oil. Add garlic cloves, It is advisable to cut it into small pieces to give a strong flavor.Add the meat now and cook it with onions for 1 to 2 minutes,then add the carrots and garbanzo. The carrot should be cut into halves to keep it large in order to present it beautifully,Allow the mixture to simmer for 2 minutes.Do not forget to put salt.After this add tomato. two medium size tomato is enough.then add water to the pot and close it.Water should cover all meat and vegetables until they are well cooked. to read more about how to make couscous in a easy way clik here
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