**Kim Chi Soup Recipe for Six people**

– ingredients
1. Kim Chi (1000g)
2. Chopped Garlic(5 cloves)
3. One Whole onion, sliced
4. Salty prawn from Korea(one tablespoon) / Fish sauce ( two tablespoons)
5. Pork rip ( 500g ) – you can use any part of pork. fatter the better^^
6. Tofu ( as much as you like )
7. Shallot ( one whole shallot)
8. Water after washing the rice ( 6 cups )

– recipe
1. prepare the rice washed water by washing the rice and drain the water into the pot.
2. put All the ingredients into the pot except green part of shallot.
3. Bring them to boil. when starts to boil simmer it for more than 20 mins. ( ideally one hour over the small fire )
4. put Green part of shallot into the boiling soup before serving.

You can adjust the ingredients quantity depends on the number of people you are planning to serve. Just divide or multiply the amount.

That’s it! Enjoy!